My name is Katie Kukulka and I am a fine art photographer living in Northern California.

I specialize in large format and historic photographic processes, specifically wet-plate collodion.

For fun I also carry around a DSLR to document my many adventures in pursuit of knowledge - particularly lost arts, my travels, antique treasures and things I make. Then I share them here on my blog.

I also love pinning - so be sure to join me on Pinterest.

What does Lost Artisan mean?
Lost Artisan is the term I've given to an artist or craftsperson practicing, teaching or studying techniques of a bygone era, quickly being forgotten by time and replaced by technology. 

I love your photography, can I hire you?
Absolutely. If you haven't already, check out my portfolio to see more of my work and contact me with your ideas.

How do I contact you?
hellokatiekukulka at gmail dot com

...more to come... 

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